The BUILDING FORWARD project is to rejuvenate our church’s auditorium and lobby, transforming them into vibrant, technologically enhanced environments that deepen worship experiences, facilitate clearer communication, and nurture community bonds.

Through strategic upgrades to the auditorium’s audio, visual, and lighting systems, and a thoughtful renovation of the lobby that modernizes while preserving its legacy, we aim to create welcoming spaces that resonate with the transformative power of Jesus.

This endeavor seeks to support spiritual growth, foster fellowship, and ensure safety, integrating features such as touchless bathrooms and open-concept designs to better serve our congregation’s needs.

Give In Person

We have giving boxes in the Auditorium and Lobby for your convenience

Mail a Check

Checks can be made out to Mstar Church and in the memo line you can reference BUILDING FORWARD PROJECT.

100 Limekiln Road
Bechtelsville PA 19505